Bruce and Coleen(non-registered)
We watched the Tanzania photos tonight—so many gorgeous birds, and how did you get those owl pictures? We loved the cats sleeping in trees, and, of course, the baby elephants. Beautiful landscape shots. Thanks for allowing us to travel along with you via Magoo Nature Photography.
Susan Casper(non-registered)
How lovely (and calming) to watch these photos appear. I like everything about them, but in particular, I'm always amazed at how you capture textures and colors. Continued success.
nice pics
jeff dahl(non-registered)
the new pics look great
Looks like Botswana was a great trip. Can't wait to see more of the 12,000+ images. Love the leopard on the log. Never saw one when I was there.
Barbara Dunn Zempel(non-registered)
I am in awe of your work! Some of your photos take me back to places I have visited. Others take me where I could never go. What a beautiful gift you share with us.
Kate Jeanson, Evald Moulding(non-registered)
Hi Jim, I'm so glad I checked out your websites. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially liked the night photo of the big dipper. I hope to talk to you more in the future. Kate (who is Not well traveled but can through your photos)
Nice to meet you in YNP(non-registered)
Jim ... thanks for sharing your images. We met on Sunday afternoon while photographing Scarface in Lamar. Enjoyed visiting your site here and the magoophoto site. Looks like you've taken some pretty cool trips and captured some nice images.
Lyle & Sue
Tom and Karleen(non-registered)
Enjoyed our visit and the tour; it was a pleasure meeting the two of you. One of our friends says that we are the poster children of how to make retirement. If that is true, the two of you are fine art.
Susan Casper(non-registered)
Love your work, Jim. I have a favorite in the most recent series: "Reflection-in-the-Amazon. I'll have to attend one of your exhibits and see it in person. I'd enjoy meeting you. Donna and I have lots of shared memories. I was even there during the accordion-playing years!
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